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Cacao Ceremony - 9th December

Cacao Ceremony - 9th December

The ceremony will be infused with reiki as we gather in circle, journeying with meditation, a high vibrational sound bath, conscious connected breathwork, all supported by the beautiful heart opening medicine of ceremonial cacao. With the breath we will journey into a relaxing and transformative state of being to experience inner healing and stillness, to awaken the heart chakra and to release what no longer serves us. You will be held and supported in a safe and nurturing space, and empowered to be in your sovereignty at all times.


Cacao has been used in sacred practices for thousands of years, originating all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America. Its medicine guides you to open your heart space, to awaken and expand into your true nature and to connect with your inner wisdom. 


You will experience;


Ceremonial Cacao

Soulful connections

Deep Intention Setting

Grounding meditation

Conscious Connected Breathwork

High vibrational Sound Bath focusing on the heart chakra


My shop will be available on the day for you to purchase crystals, organic aromatherapy products, jewellery and handmade smudge sticks


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