Smudge Fan
  • Smudge Fan

    Smudge Fan, made from Female Pheasant Wing, Hand stiched leather hand grip on the back of the wing, two leather thongs with wooden beads. The wooden beads are White, Yellow, Black and Blue.


    The Beads

    White for Purity

    Yellow for Clarity

    Blue for Stability

    Black for Grounding


    The Pheasant Feathers 

    The pheasant teaches us about the value of balance in areas of spirituality. Being an air animal totem, the pheasant deals with dreams, aspiration, spirituality, and things that lift us into higher states of consciousness. 



    Clearing Rooms – Cleansing – Cutting Cords – Healing Work – Smudging - Decoration


    All Smudge Fans are Handcrafted by me, is Unique and is Made with Love, Care and Attention 


    A Lovely Fan with nice energies, good for ritual work and would be a great addition to anyone's craft tools.