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Helping bring balance in to your life 

 Welcome to Libra Holistics -a holistic approach for mind, body and soul.


Offering massage, Hopi Ear candles, reflexology, reiki and tarot readings, we tailor each treatment to suit your individual needs. There may be times when a combination of therapies are used to ensure you receive maximum benefit. We will discuss your needs before each session to ensure it is perfect for you.


Book an appointment today to relax, unwind and leave all your cares behind. I will make sure you leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

Libra Holistics is based on the beautiful south side of Loch Ness, in the tranquil village of Foyers, looking out on the serene River Foyers - just a stone’s throw from the shores of the magnificent Loch. Why not immerse yourself in nature after your treatment to help aid your healing? Take a walk up to the Falls of Foyers or on the stony shores of Loch Ness - or just sit and listen to the birds in the woods and be at one with nature.


Lindsey has over 14 years’ experience in healing, tarot and massage. She took a keen interest in alternative therapies from a young age enjoying massages and seeing how the different therapies like reflexology contributed to her mother’s health and wellbeing compared to modern day medicine. She received her first Reiki session at 12 from a friend of her best friend’s mother and was fascinated by the warmth and total relaxation she felt during and after the treatment. At 24 she finally found a Reiki Master that she really connected with and completed her Reiki One initiation. She used Reiki to heal herself, friends and family and even had a great response to it using it on her pets. Healing herself through Reiki gave her the confidence to go on to learn Reflexology, Massage and Hopi Ear Candles and complete Reiki Two Practitioner and Reiki Master / Teacher.

Her first experiences with divination was watching her Grandma and Great Aunt making Greek coffee and then reading the coffee cups for each other. As she got older she enjoyed being taught how to read the coffee cups  with the help and patience of her Grandma. At 20 she started going to a local spiritualist church where learnt how to develop her skills in psychometry, ribbon reading, scrying, guided meditations, healing and tarot reading. At 22 she bought her first pack of Tarot cards and have built such a great relationship with them that they have travelled the world with her. 


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