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What is holistic therapy?


Holistic therapy, or complementary therapy as it is also known, is about treating a person as a whole. It is thought by balancing the body and treating the mind, the body will work in harmony and help it heal itself.  Relief may be found from illness and pain, and ailments caused by stress may be reduced. Holistic therapy works alongside conventional medicines and treatments and should not replace them.  You should always contact your GP with any health concerns.


What is the general holistic overview? 


The general holistic overview is that we have 5 bodies: the spiritual, the energetic, the mental, the emotional and the physical body. They operate as one interconnected system. These bodies differ in a vibration level, and most people can only see the physical body. A well trained, gifted and intuitive person recognises and sees all bodies. 


Any holistic work you do can have an affect in all your bodies. All bodies are equally important. Often working from the Spiritual body down, supports all other bodies. 


Doctors look after the physical body, psychotherapist, counsellors look after the emotional body, psychiatrists look after the mental body, energy workers, holistic therapists look after the energetic body and shamans look after the spiritual body. 


What affects one body affects the other bodies, and being aware of how this happens will help you a great deal in achieving balance. The flow of energy needs to run through your 5 bodies freely.

How do we best care for this complex and intricate holistic system of 5 bodies we have?


Holistic health approaches will help you to do just that. You are probably already doing many things to help. The fact that you are reading this website means that you are taking steps in being responsible for your own health and not always waiting for something to go wrong and then expecting your doctor to "fix" you. This is not to say that you should not see a doctor when you are unwell. They provide a vital service to heal your physical body and trying to do completely without a doctor can be a terrible mistake.

It is important that the person looking after you recognises that you have different bodies and that you will need help from different people along the path. 


If we look at long standing pain for example: Holistically we would look at the root cause of that pain not just the symptoms. For example we would ask: Is my pain coming from my childhood wounds? Is there a part of my emotional body that is in pain and I am feeling that pain in my physical body?


When you are ready to ask yourself those questions you are ready to look at the pain with a completely different point of view. We call it an holistic view because you are no longer just looking at the physical body, you are now seeing yourself as a person with a spiritual body, an energetic body, a mental body, an emotional body and a physical body.


How do I know if holistic therapy is right for me? 


All therapies are potentially beneficial in one way or another. It is best if you choose an area or an issue you would like to work on. This will help you to focus and tackle the problem more efficiently. 


People come to Libra Holistics with a broad range of issues, these include anxiety, depression, stress, life changes, relationships, eating disorders, bereavement & loss, gender & sexuality issues, alcohol & substance misuse, personal and spiritual growth & development. 


Can anyone receive holistic therapy?


Our therapies suit most people but there is a minimum age of 16 years on all treatments. People under the age of 16 may receive treatments with their parents consent. There are some medical conditions which will prevent treatment being possible but your therapist will discuss your medical history with you and may be able to offer an alternative treatment or a modification to a treatment.  

Can I book a bespoke package?

Absolutely! Please contact me to discuss your requirements, after which a non-returnable deposit is all that’s required to secure your booking; you can then sit back, relax and let me take care of the rest!


I am unable to travel to your healing room in Foyers, do you offer mobile or home visits?

Yes, in order to help clients, who cannot drive, are unable to leave home, or are short on time, I am able to offer all treatments in the comfort of your own home. This is a convenient and stress-free solution for many people. A small call out fee is charge to cover travel costs. 


Is the session confidential?


What you discuss in your therapy sessions is held in complete confidence.

When are we open?

We are open Tuesday-Sunday 10-6. We work on an appointment only basis. Please see our Book Now page for available appointment. If you require an appointment out with our normal opening times or if you would like to book a home visit please contact us to discuss your requirements.


How do I make an appointment?


Appointments can be done either by booking online through the website, text, phone or email. 

What happens if I miss my appointment or need to cancel my appointment?


A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel / postpone an appointment or you will be charge £20 or 50% cancellation fee, whichever is higher.


A £10 deposit is required for all booked appointments. This deposit will be taken off the remaining payment for our treatment on the day.


Deposits are non-refundable for missed or appointments that are cancelled without 24 hours notice


What is the best way to keep up to date with all of your exciting news?

Please keep an eye on my website for current therapies, workshops, retreats and promotions. You can also Sign Up to my Newsletter  and/ or follow me on 

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