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Crystal Healing Level 2 - Retford

Crystal Healing Level 2 - Retford

This course follows on from my Crystal Healing Level 1 Course. This course will deepen your understanding of working with crystals either for yourself or in a professional capacity. Once you have completed Crystal Healing Level 2 you will be able to obtain insurance to become a Crystal Healer.


The course will cover


Crystal Grids


Protecting you, your home and your environment


Creating Crystal Elixirs


A deeper understanding of working with Crystals


Advanced Crystal Healing Techniques


Crystal Soul Healing and revealing


Professional approaches to healing and working with clients, friends and family


Preparing your workspace and healing environment


Presentation of self and Crystals


Client consent forms and insurance


Ongoing support in your Crystal Healing journey


Cost of course £200 which includes your certificate, lunch and ongoing support. An £80 deposit is required to secure your place with the remaining £120 to be paid on the day.


Please bring along your favourite crystals, especially sets of crystals for our crystal grids.

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