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Smudge Stick Workshop

Smudge Stick Workshop

Join Lindsey McNaughton for an immersive workshop where you'll learn the art of harvesting herbs and crafting your own smudge sticks. This hands-on experience promises to enlighten and empower you with ancient wisdom and practical skills.


Workshop Highlights:


  •     Harvesting Herbs:
    •     Discover the art and science of harvesting herbs for smudge sticks.
    •     Learn when and how to harvest herbs for optimal potency and sustainability.
    •     Explore the therapeutic properties of various herbs used in smudging ceremonies.
  •     Smudge Stick Making:
    •     Get hands-on guidance to create your own smudge sticks.
    •     Select from a variety of herbs to customise your smudge sticks according to your preferences and intentions.
    •     Learn traditional techniques for bundling and binding herbs into smudge sticks.
  •     Cleansing and Space Clearing:
    •     Learn how to cleanse yourself, your space, and objects using smudge sticks and other cleansing tools.
    •     Embrace the spiritual significance and healing power of smudging in different cultures around the world.
  •     Healing Herb Garden:
    •     Receive advice on creating your own healing herb garden.
    •     Gain insights into the medicinal and magical properties of herbs commonly used in smudging rituals.
    •     Learn how to cultivate and care for your herbs to ensure a bountiful and sustainable harvest.
  •     Take-Home:
    •     Craft two personalised smudge sticks to take home with you.
    •     Receive a booklet containing workshop information, herbal lore, and practical tips for smudging and herb gardening.
    •     Connect with like-minded individuals and make new friends in a welcoming and supportive environment.


Don't miss out on this enriching and enjoyable workshop! Bring along your friends and embark on a journey of discovery, healing, and creativity.

Let the magic of herbs and smudging awaken your senses and elevate your spirit!

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